About Foukou BBQ Catering Scotland

Foukou was set-up in 2002 to sell the traditional Cypriot barbeque on the British market.  The Cypriot BBQ was known to be an excellent way of cooking on spits over charcoal.  The machines are used in Cyprus by restaurants, tavernas and households.

We had to demonstrate the machines at shows and game fairs for potential customers to see how effective the machines were, and soon found that our barbeque food was extremely well received by those who came to see the machines.

We were asked in 2003 to cook for a 60th Birthday party for 20 guests, and, with no small amount of trepidation undertook this task, to great success! And so from these humble beginnings our outdoor caterers business was born, which have now developed into a gourmet BBQ catering service for up to 300 guests.

The Team

Foukou is owned and run by Charles and Sandra Smith-Maxwell. We’re committed to creating special BBQ dishes for our customers all year round and organising your catering down to the finest detail. In addition to our wide BBQ catering menu, we also source all the crockery, cutlery and glassware required for the event.


Foukou are proud to use local, independent suppliers for our barbeque catering. Meat is supplied from butchers in Selkirk and Melrose (we especially love their pork sausages!)  Our beef and lamb are sourced in Melrose, as are our salmon and seat trout. We like to use local suppliers for all our products, including fruit and vegetables.

The main desserts are entirely home made and are supplied by Border Meringues with specialist products. We buy Farmhouse Ice Cream from Over Langshaw and Cream of Galloway.

Company Goals

Foukou BBQ’s main goal is to continue developing the total outdoor catering service that we provide, including wedding BBQs, birthdays parties, corporate events and open days for racehorse trainers, where our unique style of food has been very well received.

We are continually developing new dishes and ideas for great BBQ catering, which we test rigorously at home before being offered to our customers to ensure that new dish is repeatable for large numbers of guests.

We’re proud to say that our barbeque food, cooked the Foukou way, is truly unique, and we’re looking forward to developing our business in the years to come.

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